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Presenting Brainscraps Holiday Card no. 2

IGNORE ALL THE KOUHAIS.Last year’s Holiday Card was a ton of work. Despite this, I wanted to do something similar again. I didn’t come up with a good idea until the middle of the year, and an incredibly awesome Japan vacation interrupted production for about three weeks, but I managed to get it done more or less on time. The total production time was around two and a half months, on and off (not counting that Japan trip).

Thus, I present to you all this year’s Brainscraps Holiday Card: Senpai Simulator. The title pretty much says it all: play as Senpai and either notice or ignore underclassmen to your heart’s content. This year’s game engine of choice is the wonderful Ren’Py, and this time, all of the visual and sound assets were created by me, using a variety of tools including Sketchbook Pro, Clip Studio Paint, Pixelmator, and GarageBand.

As before, this Holiday Card can be found year-round under Projects. Please let me know as soon as possible if you run into any bugs or other issues, and I’ll fix them for a later release. As for future such Cards, I really can’t say what next year will bring, but in the meantime, look forward to one or more year-in-review type posts within the next week or two. Enjoy, and hope everyone has a great holiday and an even better 2016!