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Special projects and other things that wouldn’t fit as normal posts.

Spinoff Sites

P.S. Triple Classic
Part fansite, part preservation project, this is an unofficial rerelease of the English-language localization of the console idol webcomic P.S. Triple.

Holiday Cards

– free video games! Also available at

Legend of Cascadia
The adventures of a waterfall who travels the world aiding the Legendary Heroes in their quest. Inspired by a well-known @petermolydeux tweet.
Added: 12/16/14 ~ Last Updated: 12/16/14

Senpai Simulator
Become the senpai that everyone wants to be noticed by!
Added: 12/18/15 ~ Last Updated: 12/18/15

General Princess
Help a princess-turned-general prevent her own kidnapping!
Added: 12/13/17 ~ Last Updated: 12/13/17

Added: 12/4/18 ~ Last Updated: 12/5/18

In the Back: A Retail Adventure ( exclusive)
“Do you have any more copies of this limited-edition video game in the back?”
Added: 12/12/19 ~ Last Updated: 12/12/19

Mary Sue’s Character Casino ( exclusive)
What would happen if roguelike deckbuilders and gacha games got married in Vegas?
Added: 12/23/21 ~ Last Updated: 12/23/21

Other Games and Mods

– also available at

An AU Doom mod starring Doomguy’s beloved rabbit Daisy!
Also available from the idgames Archive.
Added: 08/21/19 ~ Last Updated: 08/21/19

DARK CITY FOURTH STREET, Part One: The Sprawl ( exclusive)
An FFVII remake.
Added: 04/08/20 ~ Last Updated: 04/08/20


Final Fantasy VII Theatrical Ad
The story behind a set of three ads for Final Fantasy VII which played in US movie theaters in late 1997, scanned from 35mm film and uploaded to the internet for all to enjoy.