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The fourth Brainscraps Holiday Card. An unlikely journey.

Play it now here* or via the official mirror at (no download required!), and/or read more below.

* – This link is for the most recent build (ver.1.01). If you need to access an older version, you can do so here:


About the Game

To quote from the late, great Chuck Jones: “I don’t know where ideas come from.”

As with some of my previous projects, at first I had intended to do something else before settling on what became Four. In this case, my original idea was to do a walking simulator set during a certain part of Epistle 3. The form it would’ve ideally taken would be that of a Source-based mod.

However, perhaps because Three is not Four, when a very different idea popped into my head one day, I decided to go with that one instead.

Four was also my favorite number when I was a kid, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Cast of Characters














  • Saves!
  • Options!
  • Achievements!
  • Credits!
  • And more!


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System Requirements and Controls

Four should run in any modern browser in any operating system. Please make sure the Web Storage API for your browser is enabled for the best possible experience.

A standard mouse and keyboard is required. There is no (intentional) controller support.

(Spoiler-Free) Credits

Writing, Design, Art, Etc.: R. Kasahara
Testing: R. Kasahara, bitprophet
Game Engine: Twine 2.2.1
Story Format: SugarCube 2.21.0

The full credits can be accessed within the game after a certain point.


Creative Commons License
The original content in Legend of Cascadia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Have something to tell me about the game?

Please email me using the contact address on the “About” page. If you are contacting me with a bug report, please include full details about the problem you are experiencing, along with the operating system and browser (with version numbers), and I will do my best to fix it.

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