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Old Old Stuff

Here are some of my game-related writings prior to starting this blog.

Brain Scrap House columns – originally posted at Fantasy World XD
They Call Him Sonic – ’cause he is faster than sound, he keeps on jumping around…
Lonely Rolling Stars – Games in Search of a Genre

okamiblog Archive

LJ Posts – listed by game
Final Fantasy X-2quickie review
Kingdom Hearts IIreview (minor spoilers)
Dirge of Cerberusimpressions | plot analysis (spoilers for multiple games)
• Virtual Console – review
Startopiaquickie impressions
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Doorreview (spoilers)
Growlanser IIquickie review
Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moonreview
Portalquickie review (spoilers)
Metal Gear Solidimpressions
The Black Mages III, Gyakuten Saiban 4 OST, and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memoriesreviews
The World Ends With Youreview
Retro Game Master, WALL-E (the movie, that is), Wild ARMs 5quickie reviews
Ys Book I & IIreview
Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario RPG, Rhapsody (DS) – quickie reviews
de Blobquickie impression
Portal: The Flash Version Mappackquickie review
Cave Story, Sam & Max Season Onequickie wrap-up/impressions
Earthboundimpressions | review (major spoilers)
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaidenreview
Dragon Quest IV (DS) – wrap-up (major spoilers)