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(This page is a bit out of date and will be updated at a later time. The links, however, are still good!)

The Blog, formerly Brain Scrap House, is a personal blog dedicated to video games and anything else that strikes my fancy. That said, please note that any and all outside submissions will be rejected immediately. also has a strict no advertorial policy; any and all inquiries related to running advertorials will be ignored.

If you’d like to keep up with my posts here, the best way to do so is via the RSS feed or the Twitter account.

We also have a Steam group and Steam Curator page.

The Title
The original name of this blog came from “Sonic’s Brain Scrap House”, an instrumental track featured on the album Sonic the Hedgehog, released in Europe in 1996. This album does not contain any actual game music; rather, it is entirely made up of tracks seemingly inspired by the Sonic games. Its publisher was Arcade Records, and thus, the CD has come to be known as Sonic Arcade. Also, to complicate matters, there was an actual Sonic arcade game, titled SegaSonic the Hedgehog. is the URL I later registered for Brain Scrap House, and since the site’s renewal, has become its name as well.

The Author
This site is run by me, RKasa (née R. Kasahara). Here’s my contact info:

Assorted other links

And some of my gaming accounts:

• Xbox Live – R Kasahara
• Steam – RKasa
• PlayStation Network – ReeveKasahara
• – Brainscraps

And some of my collections and consumptions:

• Backloggery (games) – R_Kasahara
• Tsuki-board (Japanese figures/goods/media) – RKasa (doesn’t include doujinshi)
• VGMdb (game music) – R. Kasahara
• Anime-Planet (anime and manga) – RKasa

If you can’t figure out something about me from all of that, feel free to ask.

The WordPress Template
This blog uses Tizia, a custom modified version of Crucial, with the sidebar from brainscraps/okami, which themselves were modified from Kind of Business. A special tenth anniversary version of Tizia, based on this site’s original theme, is currently in use.

Tizia, brainscraps, and okami are not available for download; sorry!

The Disclaimer
All original text is copyright RKasa/R. Kasahara unless otherwise noted.

All uncredited images/screenshots were either created by me or come from an official or unknown source. Otherwise, I’ll do my best to provide proper credit.

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