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Site Business

Really quickly, I just wanted to make note of some recent changes made here at Brain Scrap House. First off, and you might have noticed this earlier, is that I’ve started italicizing the titles of games; it just made sense to do this.

Secondly, I’ve changed the “FWXD Archive” to “Old Stuff”. Now, in addition to the two original BSH columns from FWXD are several pre-BSH reviews, impressions, etc. from my LiveJournal account. A link to the okamiblog archive can now also be found there.

Thirdly, the Links page has been updated with several new sites to check out.

Finally, BSH has a new address: The old addy will still work fine for both the blog and syndication feeds for the time being; whether or not you’d like to change your bookmarks is completely up to you.