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In another time and place, Doomguy is taking a break on Earth, and Daisy is on Mars, at the mercy of the Union Aerospace Corporation’s scientists. They give her a cyborg marine body just in time for demons to arrive and start wreaking havok…

With this mod, players can relive all four episodes of The Ultimate Doom entirely from Daisy’s perspective. All of Doomguy’s portraits and sound effects have been replaced by Daisy’s, plus fresh veggies and other special items have replaced most of the standard health and armor pickups. In addition, there’s new story text, title episodes, cutscene images, and other tweaks to make this a true DaisyDOOM.

Additional customizations may be added later on, but for the most part, this mode is done and ready to install. GZDoom and a legit copy of The Ultimate Doom are recommended for the best experience, though the vanilla and shareware versions of Doom should work as well. If you have trouble using DaisyDOOM, please let me know the details, including the source port and any additional mods used.

This mod was made as part of’s 10th anniversary celebration. For the full credits and other information, please see the readme file included in the .zip.

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A source port such as the previously mentioned GZDoom (available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu) and a valid Doom WAD/IWAD are required. Installation and usage instructions for ZDoom/GZDoom may be found here.