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A New Start

I’ve been largely neglecting this blog for some time now, as you all well know. Part of the issue has been finding the time and energy to crank out the long, formal posts that I’d become accustomed to posting on Brainscraps. Given that I wasn’t enjoying this anymore, I decided it was time for a change.

Brainscraps is now, 100%, my personal blog, as opposed to being a gaming-focused one. I haven’t had such a blog since abandoning my LiveJournal in favor of splitting my time between Twitter and here. Nowadays, I’m no longer on Twitter, but on Cohost, but even still, I wanted my own personal space that I could completely control. The last time I had something like that was on the old, now shuttered, Blue Shinra Project.

So, that’s here! New design, all the old posts shuttled off onto a new Old Stuff page, and a less stuffy tone. Hopefully I’ll be talking about more than just games and manga here, but we’ll leave all that for the future. I’m also considering opening up comments again; please let me know if you have any opinions about that.

In any case, welcome, once again, to Brainscraps!